Compare Laser Distance Meters [Chart]

February 1st 2017
Compare Laser Distance Meters

Which Laser Distance Meter Do You Need?

Laser Distance Meters come with an array of features and functions and sometimes it’s difficult to compare models and decide which will do the job for you.

Here we compare laser distance meters that are designed for interior use and chart their specs and features. We also stock a good range of higher spec LDMs for exterior use.

If you’re looking to compare all laser distance meters including those with more advanced features see this handy download Leica Disto & Lino Family Brochure for a full range of features on all models.

Compare Laser Distance Meters Compare Laser Distance Meters Compare Laser Distance Meters  
Our Price $159 $255 $319 $549
Digital Pointfinder Camera N N N N
Range 40m 60m 100m 150m
Accuracy +/-2mm +/-1.5mm +/-1.5mm +/-1mm
Tilt Sensor N N N Y
Min/ Max Measurements Y Y Y Y
Area N Y Y Y
Volume N Y  Y Y
Pythagoras N N  Y Y
Smart Horizontal Mode N N N Y
Bluetooth Y Y Y Y
Intelligent End-Piece N N Y  Y
Stake-Out N N N Y
Painter N N  Y  Y
Smart Base N N Y  Y
Measure With Pictures N N N N
Free Apps DISTO Sketch DISTO Sketch DISTO Sketch DISTO Sketch
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years

* Leica DISTOs have a 2-year out of the box warranty which you can extend to 3 years by registering online.

Still not sure which LDM you need? Give us a quick call on 0800 443 6629 and we’ll be happy to talk through the finer points and features of any of these models.

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