Civil Survey & Design rely on GeoMax survey equipment

February 28th 2019
GeoMax Survey Equipment

Over the last 15 years, Civil Survey & Design have built a solid reputation for working closely with customers to deliver project management, design and surveying for civil construction projects.

When it came to choosing new equipment, quality and reliability were at the top of their priority list and investing in a known brand was key to the decision making process. They have chosen GeoMax survey equipment as their preferred brand and they couldn’t be happier.

“We have been using the Zenith35 Rover and Base and the Zoom90 Robotic Total Station for the past 2 years and we think they are great. We mainly work in the civil construction sector on greenfield projects building new residential subdivisions. The package we purchased was competitive in price and also had the backing/confidence of technology tried and tested by Hexagon.”Orrin Julian, Civil Survey & Design.

Civil Survey & Design

Having the right software was also critical for the Civil & Design team. They needed a user-friendly software with simple workflows that GeoMax GNSS and Robotic Total Stations. GeoMax X-Pad software delivers both GPS and total station survey and stakeout with a full selection of topographic and cadastral functions.

“Software that was easy to use was critically important to us and was a huge point of difference with the X-Pad solution. We found it to be very user friendly and logical in its functions. It makes it easy to teach new staff to collect information in a complex way in order to reduce processing time in the office. We particularly like the support we get and the open channel of communication with BuildMax, and the wider GeoMax team.”

As part of the Hexagon Geosystems group of companies, GeoMax has a reputation for delivering full survey solutions that are accurate and reliable, backed up by local servicing and support from BuildMax in New Zealand.

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