Laser Distance Meters | Laser Tapes

We stock the world-leading Leica DISTO™ range of LDMs which have been in the market for over 20 years and represent trade-quality with proven accuracy and reliability.

Interior Laser Tapes

Interior laser tapes are a must have tool for determining measurements quickly and accurately or in tricky situations like cluttered building sites or busy offices.

Simple to operate – position the base of the laser distance meter against the surface or object you want to measure from, push the main button once to activate the visible red laser beam, aim the red dot at the surface you want to measure to, then push the main button again to calculate the measurement and display it on the screen.

Exterior Laser Tapes

While a laser distance meter will never completely replace the standard retractable steel tape measure, it does provide a much more efficient way of measuring dimensions and distances especially for exterior applications when calculating the distance between two points that you can’t get physical access to.

Try using a pull-out steel tape to measure the height of some roof framing when it’s 7 or 8 metres above the floor or figure out the required length of a roof on a windy day and you’ll soon realise the value of having a laser tape measure close at hand. The laser beam is not affected by wind, rain or ambient light levels.

Download the Leica Disto & Lino Family Brochure which compares all Leica LDMs we stock and explains many of the functions like Painter, Pythagoras, Smart Horizontal Mode and Measure With Pictures.