GeoMax Zenith15


The GeoMax Zenith15 GNSS Receiver is a robust entry level GNSS receiver offering you the flexibility to choose between UHF and GSM depending on the situation.

The GeoMax Zenith15 is a complete and fully integrated GNSS receiver, allowing tracking GPS and GLONASS systems. Available as GSM or GSM-UHF model Zenith15 is your economic choice.

Package Includes:

  • GeoMax Zenith15 GNSS Receiver
  • GPS, GLONASS (L1, L2 Licences Included)
  • ZBA201 Li-ion Battery
  • ZCH201 Charger for Li-ion Battery
  • GEV192 AC/DC Adapter GK112
  • ZRA101, Gainflex UHF Antenna (Freuency Range 400-473 MHz)
  • FZ-B2 Pansonic Tablet
  • Full X-Pad Survey Software
  • Zenith 15 Accessory Kit: Case, Micro SD Card & USB
  • ZPC200 Telescope Carbon Fibre and Aluminium pole
  • ZHR200, Pole BKT for Controller

X-Pad Survey Software

The perfect partner for the GeoMax Zenith15 GNSS Receiver is X-PAD Survey.

X-PAD Survey for Android on the GeoMax FZ-B2 rugged tablet can be used for all GeoMax Zenith GNSS antennae as well as manual and motorised GeoMax Zoom Total Stations.

X-PAD Survey for Android presents a new way of working, based on the most technologically advanced platform for mobile devices.

For the first time software designed for topographic survey and stake out in the field is available on Android, with a wide range of user-friendly features. Partnered with GeoMax survey instruments, X-PAD Survey for Android will change your way of working forever.

In addition to the well established Windows® Mobile version of X-PAD for Android. This version brings additional benefits that improve, simplify and speed up all survey activities in the field.

  • Google® Map: X-PAD allows you to integrate the Google maps in every phase of the work, in survey, in stake out and in the graphic CAD.&
  • Augmented Reality: X-PAD uses the camera of the data logger to display the points and drawing with augmented reality. Panning the camera around, you can see where the plotted points are, even if they are underground.

Start your Free 30 day trial of X-Pad Survey:


“10/10 for quality of equipment and Elaine was very helpful and always friendly. After sales service outstanding!” – Chris Botha

Product Description

GeoMax Zenith15 GNSS Receiver Features:


  • Integrated GSM antenna
  • Quick swappable SIM & microSD card
  • Complete control with receiver keypad


  • NovAtel® technology
  • GSM/GPRS, UHF radio & Bluetooth®


  • Combine with your preferred datalogger and software
  • Open connectivity
  • Complete setup flexibility


Receiver specifications
Q-Lock™ technology Lowest noise and multipath mitigation
Satellites [max. number tracked simultaneously] 60
Channels 120
GPS tracking L1, L2, L2C
GLONASS tracking L1, L2
Galeleo tracking* No
BeiDou tracking No
Positioning rate 5Hz
Measurement Accuracy**
Static H/V [mm + ppm] 5 + 0.5 / 10 + 0.5
Static long H/V [mm + ppm] 3 + 0.4 / 3.5 + 0.4
Kinematic H/V [mm + ppm] 10 + 1 / 20 + 1
Keyboard On/Off and function keys
LED status indicators Position, battery, Bluetooth®, RTK receive, RTK transmit, Storage Card
LED mode indicators Rover, base, static
Data recording 8 GB removable microSD card
GSM/TCP/IP Removable SIM card
GSM/GPRS module

Quad-Band GSM & Penta-Band ; UMTS 800 /850 /900 /1900 /2100 MHz ;internal antenna

UHF radio module 1000 mW transceiver; 406-480 MHz
Bluetooth® Device class II
Communication port USB, serial & power
Power Supply
External power / Internal battery 10.5 V to 28 V / Removable 2.6 Ah ; 7.4 V
Operating time [static/rover] 7.5 h / 5 h
Physical specifications
Dimensions Height 95 mm, Ø 198 mm
Weight 1.2 kg incl. battery & UHF radio
Operating temp. -40°C to 65°C
Protection class IP68 – withstands dust and immersion in water
Humidity 100%, condensing
Vibration Mechanical stress resistant according ISO 9022-36-05
Shock Withstands 2m topple over onto hard surface

* The optional Galileo tracking will be made available once there are sufficient satellites;

** Measurement accuracy and reliability are dependent on various factors including satellite, geometry, obstructions, observation time, ionospheric conditions, multipath, etc. Figures quoted assume normal to favourable conditions.

Download the GeoMax Zenith15 & 25 GNSS Receiver Brochure