Survey Software | GeoMax X-PAD Suite

GeoMax Survey Software

The X-PAD suite of survey software for field and office are perfectly integrated and offer a solution to all the needs of survey and stakeout with GeoMax instruments.


X-PAD Construction
When combined with the total station or GPS, X-PAD Construction allows you to perform the measurement, stakeout and control with simple and functional procedures. With X-PAD Construction, a company can solve all measuring situations in site in autonomous and independent way, by improving the productivity and reducing costs.

X-PAD Survey
With X-PAD Survey software, productivity and flexibility in the field is assured due to an easy user interface and to highly innovative contents. In a single onboard software you find both GPS, Total Station survey and stakeout with all the topographic and cadastral functions that until now were present only on desktop software.

X-PAD Android
X-PAD Android presents a new way of working, based on the most evolved and technologically advanced platform for mobile devices. For the first time survey software designed for topographic survey and stakeout in the field is available on Android, and with a wide range of user-friendly features. Used in conjunction with GeoMax instrumentation, X-PAD Android will change your way of working forever.

X-PAD Office
X-PAD Office is fully compatible with field software X-PAD Survey and X-PAD Construction, doesn’t require any import or conversion procedure; all field information, included photos and recorded vocal messages, are immediately accessible in the office.