GeoMax ZAL132 Dumpy Level


The GeoMax ZAL132 Dumpy Level is the traditional instrument for construction levelling.

This Dumpy Level has an impressive price-to-performance ratio with 32 x magnification and it's incredibly easy to set up and adjust.

Tripod & staff sold separately, see Accessories.

Product Description

GeoMax ZAL132 Dumpy Level Features:

This robust, well-made GeoMax ZAL132 Dumpy Level will provide you with years of reliably accurate levelling.

  • The GeoMax ZAL132 Dumpy Level reticle focus can be locked in position to suit a particular user.
  • The side-mounted mirror allows you to check the bubble position without removing your eye from the eyepiece.
  • The top-mounted ‘gunsight’ assists in quickly lining up the telescope, with fine-tuning provided by twin continuous-thread adjusters.
  • Well-defined degree markings on the baseplate allow the dumpy level to be rotated through a precise horizontal angle.
  • The smooth operation of the main focusing knob allows for very quick location of the target.
  • The black lens collar greatly reduces the effect of bright sunlight on the field of view.
  • A rating of IP54 against dust and water splashes guarantees the all-weather operation of the Dumpy Level.

Download the GeoMax ZAL100 Series Datasheet