Why Buy From An Authorised Dealer?

November 8th 2018
authorised dealer

Have you ever seen a good deal on parallel imported construction equipment and thought it looks the same but costs less “where’s the catch?”.

Here are the top 6 reasons you should always buy from an authorised dealer:

  1. Quality Assurance -When you purchase from an authorised dealer you know that the equipment has come directly from the manufacturer, has been rigorously tested and met the ISO requirements (The International Organization for Standardization of Quality Management) –  https://www.iso.org/home.html
  2. Warranty – Five years of working hard onsite takes its toll on any equipment, if you purchase from an authorised dealer you’ll get up to five years manufacturers warranty which covers repairs and/or replacement if necessary.
  3. Servicing – An authorised dealer is able to calibrate and service equipment to the same standards as the manufacturer, this can extend the usable life of your equipment by years.
  4. Training – Local expert training for you and your team is paramount to getting the most out of your equipment.
  5. Support – What happens if months later you can’t figure out how to do something or a new staff member needs some help? An authorised dealer provides ongoing support, there’s always someone to call or visit your site maximising productivity and minimising downtime.
  6. Trade In – When the life of your equipment comes to an end or when you’re looking to upgrade, you’ll usually be able to trade in the old equipment.

In New Zealand we are a long way from anywhere, so sometimes it’s tempting to think the grass is greener overseas. But if you choose to buy parallel imported products you’ll void any type of support from the local authorised dealer which may cost you more in the long run.

When you’re making purchasing decisions, it’s worth remembering the value of buying from an authorised dealer, you’ll know your equipment is top notch and you’ll be supported by an expert team locally.

BuildMax are the exclusive NZ authorised dealer for GeoMax construction equipment. Our authorised service centres also support Agatec, QBL, AGL and Arrow products which fall under the GeoMax group of products.

Call us on 0800 443 6629 to talk through what we can do for you.


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