IP Rating

What Does IP Rating Mean?

February 23rd 2017

IP Ratings Explained. You’ll notice that most construction equipment such as laser levels, laser tapes and total stations have an IP rating, but what does that actually mean? In a nutshell it’s how weather / environment proof the equipment is, if it will get clogged with dust on the build site or seize up at […]

Locate Building Electricity Cable

Locate Building Electricity Cable [Video]

February 18th 2017

Using A Cable Locator To Detect Electricity Cables Before you begin digging, you need to locate underground services with a cable locator. This video shows how a cable locator is used to locate building electricity cable. All GeoMax EZiCAT Cable Locators bought from BuildMax include FREE certified training and after sales support. Find out more about […]

Compare Laser Distance Meters

Compare Laser Distance Meters [Chart]

February 1st 2017

Which Laser Distance Meter Do You Need? Laser Distance Meters come with an array of features and functions and sometimes it’s difficult to compare models and decide which will do the job for you. Here we compare laser distance meters that are designed for interior use and chart their specs and features. We also stock […]