New GeoMax Zoom70 Total Station Launched

November 14th 2018
GeoMax zoom70 total station

GeoMax Positioning has announced the release of an exciting new Robotic Total Station – GeoMax Zoom70.

The new GeoMax Zoom70 delivers simplicity and advanced functionality at an affordable price.

Designed to be a one-person total station, the GeoMax Zoom70 supports advanced prism search based on the GNSS position of the controller.


  • GeoTRAil: uses the position of your field controller and once located the TRack & AiM automatically starts.
  • TRack: continuously tracks your prism once locked-on, the instrument remains accurately aimed even on fast moving targets.
  • AiM: locates the prism accurately without the need to look through the telescope. Highly reliable measurements are performed automatically and consistently.

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Discover X-PAD Ultimate

The launch of GeoMax Zoom70 coincides with the global release of new field software, X-PAD Ultimate.

Operating in both Windows and Android it brings the best technologies to site and is available in two versions:

  • X-PAD Ultimate Survey for surveyors
  • X-PAD Ultimate Build for construction professionals

X-PAD Ultimate offers an easy-to-use, simple field software with advanced features. X-PAD Ultimate is a flexible, modular software for high-end topographic tasks such as data collection, stake-out, cadastral data, BIM check and control, roading, mapping, bathymetry and GIS.

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Combining the new GeoMax Zoom70 total station with X-PAD Ultimate delivers a next generation solution that is designed to significantly increase your efficiency onsite.

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