Crossline Lasers | Multiline Lasers

Affordable, Quality Crossline Lasers & Multiline Lasers

While a rotating laser level is by far the most versatile set-out and leveling construction laser tool, there are many occasions when the expense and capability of a rotary laser level is not warranted. This is where a multilineĀ laser or crossline laser is often a better option, in terms of cost, ease of use and compact size.

Laying out wall & floor tiles, or setting out flooring, suspended ceiling grid or partition layout, especially in a small-to-medium size work area can normally be most efficiently achieved using one of these inexpensive vertical and horizontalĀ laser levels.

BuildMax has a cost-effective builders laser level for every interior construction task, fromĀ simple compact multiline lasers and crossline lasers through to the latest green beam rotating lasers.