Crossline Lasers | Multiline Lasers

Affordable, Quality Crossline Lasers & Multiline Lasers

While a rotating laser level is by far the most versatile set-out and leveling construction laser tool, there are many occasions when the expense and capability of a rotary laser level is not warranted. This is where a multiline laser or crossline laser is often a better option, in terms of cost, ease of use and compact size.

The Leica Lino range of multiline lasers are built with precision in mind, automatically adjusting position if even slightly out of level. If the tilt is outside the ± 4° limit, the instrument activates a visual alert to prevent errors. This means its setup to project lines or dots is quick and effortless.

Laying out wall & floor tiles, or setting out flooring, suspended ceiling grid or partition layout, especially in a small-to-medium size work area can normally be most efficiently achieved using one of these inexpensive vertical and horizontal laser levels.