Clark Fortune McDonald Increase Productivity with GeoMax

December 6th 2018

With plenty of experience in engineering and construction surveys, setting out and monitoring across the South Island, Clark Fortune McDonald has built a solid reputation in the industry.

When it was time to get a new robotic total station they chose the GeoMax Zoom80 with X-Pad Survey software from BuildMax.

We asked Toby Stoff, Land Development Engineer / Surveyor at Clark Fortune McDonald a few questions:

What were you looking for?

We were looking for a cost-effective replacement for our old robotic total station. Our previous machine was laggy by modern standards, the user interface wasn’t as friendly as it could be and it lacked power search. This was frustrating for the team when working on busy sites as it slowed our workflow down and held up other jobs.

Why did you choose GeoMax?

We had confidence the quality would be good as the equipment is manufactured in Singapore and GeoMax are part of the Hexagon Group. We also felt the solution provided was fit for purpose and provided excellent value for money.

The fact that we had the choice to use any controller was also considered a positive as it provides flexibility down the track.

Once we’d seen the quality of the total station and met Elaine from BuildMax we decided it was the right solution for us.

What is your favorite feature?

The GeoMax X-Pad Survey software is great to use, simple and intuitive and the power search function really speeds up the process, it took us about 30mins of training to be up and ready to work.

How would you rate the customer service at BuildMax?

We’ve enjoyed dealing with the knowledgeable team at BuildMax and would highly recommend them. They did what they promised every time which is really important to us, we need suppliers we can rely on. The fact that BuildMax has full support and servicing in both the North and Sound Islands is great too.


Clark Fortune McDonald are a New Zealand owned and operated company which has a continuous connection back to an Otago/Southland surveying practice established in 1898.

With branches in Queenstown, Dunedin and Christchurch the company has been instrumental in many of the largest development projects in the South Island including Millbrook Country Club, The Commonage subdivision, Aspen Grove and Lake Hayes Estate.

Contact us on 0800 443 6629 or to discuss your survey equipment needs.

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