GeoMax X-PAD Construction


GeoMax X-PAD Construction, combined with a total station or GPS, allows you to perform the measurement, stakeout and control with simple and functional procedures.

With two modes of operation,  the operator onsite can use the software and instrumentation to switch between GPS Receiver and TPS (Robotic or Manual) and back again within the same job.

Product Description

GeoMax X-PAD Construction

With GeoMax X-PAD Construction you can solve all measuring situations onsite in an autonomous and independent way.

General Features

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • High readability of text and commands
  • Operative via touch screen or physical keyboard
  • Two modes of operation allow any type of operator present at the site to use the software and instrumentation. Jump from GeoMax GPS Receiver to GeoMax TPS (Robotic or Manual) and back again within the same job
  • Orientation and coordinate system

Total station orientation on reference line

  • Total station orientation on known points (free station)
  • Station elevation from reference point
  • GPS local coordinate system on reference line
  • GPS local coordinate system on reference points (site calibration)
  • Load of already define coordinate system for immediate use of GPS
  • Fast setup of coordinate system to site requirements


  • Stakeout of points and drawing coordinates
  • Creation and management of list of points to stakeout
  • Stakeout of lines, arcs and drawing elements even by offset
  • Stakeout of side slopes
  • Stakeout on vertical facades
  • Voice guidance
  • Orientation to North or Sun (GPS)
  • Speed, ease of use and clarity of navigation
  • Creation of stakeout final report

Download the GeoMax X-PAD Construction Brochure