GeoMax Zone20 H + Digital Receiver


The GeoMax Zone20 H + Digital Receiver. Buy together and save $180!

Solidly built, economical laser that offers a straight forward interface for the user. All the functions required for flexible, regular use can be found with this unit. The laser is a visible beam laser and self-levelling in the horizontal plane. Slopes can be manually set in dual axis.

Best digital display technology, packed into a professional and robust housing. Fully featured for a top performance with precise results. Dual display, supported by adjustable LED and audio signals. Build-in flash suppression.

Package Includes:

Product Description

GeoMax Zone20 H Rotating Laser Level


 Functionality Self-levelling horizontally manual slope in dual axis
 Head protection  Fully enclosed
 Operating range (diameter)  900m
 Self-levelling accuracy   -2.2mm at 30m
 Self-levelling range   -6°
 Rotation speed  600rpm
 Scanning Modes  10°-35°
 Laser diode type/class  635nm (visible)/class1
 Battery type  4 D-cell alkaline/Li-ion
 Battery life >40 hours
 Operating temperature  -10°to 50°C
 Storage temperature -30°to 70°C
 Protection IP67

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