GeoMax ZTA100 Aluminium Tripod

$159.00 excl GST

GeoMax ZTA100 Aluminium Tripod is light-weight and comes with a shoulder strap and side clamp screws, 105 cm packaged length, extendable to 167 cm, weight 4.5 kg.

Product Description

GeoMax ZTA100 Aluminium Tripod

  • A light-weight but robust aluminium tripod with shoulder strap and side clamp screws. 105 cm packaged length, extendable to 167 cm (1670mm), weight 4.5 kg.
  • Valuable surveying and construction measuring instruments cannot produce consistently accurate results if they are mounted on a rickety old tripod.
  • Apart from the issues of safety and stability, older poor-quality tripods can be frustratingly difficult to adjust to the correct height. Problems with tripod legs not telescoping in and out easily, and distorted leg clamps not operating smoothly, all add to the time taken to set up your equipment. Site conditions can be difficult enough already without struggling with your own gear. This can have a serious effect on how efficiently site measuring can be achieved, especially if the equipment has to be frequently moved.
  • The use of a precision aluminium tripod, like the GeoMax ZTA100 unit, can greatly speed up onsite measuring and levelling, whether for surveying, engineering or general construction.

Side Clamp Screws

  • Many brands of tripod use a plastic ‘camlock’ on the outside face of the leg to clamp the telescoping section in place. Unfortunately, these are the first components to get a hiding every time the tripod goes into the back of the ute, and the plastic fitting is progressively worn down every time it is engaged.
  • In contrast, the side clamp system of the GeoMax ZTA100 Aluminum Tripod employs a sophisticated tubular nylon ‘shoe’ which clamps into the concave edge of the aluminium leg. Not only does this provide very secure clamping of the leg, but there is absolutely no progressive deterioration in the surface of the aluminium.